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Tatemae 建前  /ta-tA-ma-A/

(n.) the behaviour and opinions one must display to satisfy the society’s demands

A private evening out, surprise dinner, gifts, events and hotel bookings of your choice for you and your guest…

Tatemae is here to turn your ideas into reality by providing the most confidential and personalised private concierge services based in London.

Simple and Straight Forward

How It Works

1. Select from our curated list of services

We offer various services especially curated to suit your requirements and to give you the best possible experience via a secure system.

2. Connect with our 24/7 live concierge

After placing your order, we generate a unique secret code which enables you to chat with our concierge on our secret portal to confirm and see the order details.

3. Experience guaranteed privacy

We incorporate an extremely secure system for the most seamless and untraceable experience that you can enjoy without any worry as all information will be automatically destroyed in a week or earlier on request.

Carefully curated services

What We Offer

Send flowers to someone special

Why not let us surprise someone special on your behalf with a flower bouquet or you choose from our wide variety of carefully curated items?


Send a gift to someone special

Why not let us surprise someone special on your behalf with a gift of your choice?


More Services

Do you have something unique in mind?


We offer personalisation like never before and are looking forward to helping you with any request!

“…I used Tatemae to make a booking and it was handled very professionally and they were very helpful with the tweaks I requested. Looking to use this service more in the near future…” 

Anonymous User,

February '20

Our Priorities

Why Us?

Anonymous online access to a private concierge.

No paper trail and a completely secure system.

Completely customisable for your needs.