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Send Anonymous Valentines Day Gift in the UK

How it works?

1. Choose your gift

Pick any gift of your choice. Or let us know your budget and we will give you suggestions. You will be chatting to an actual person through our secret portal


Make payment through our secure payment gateway. No confirmation sms or email will be sent to you for your confidentiality and privacy.

3. We will purchase and deliver

We will purchase the gift item. Wrap it up beautifully and send it your loved one. All the gifts will be delivered in person. We can also add a message to your gift.
No paper trail back to you

No financial record tracing

The gift will be purchased under our secrect business name and will be sent to the recipient. The delivery person nor the waybill will have your name on it. Also when you make payment to Tatemae,¬†Payment record on your Credit card or bank statement will appear as a different transaction and not as the actual purchase. Nor will it have Tatemae’s name on it. The transaction might appear like a restaurant bill or a gas company bill etc. which can look unsuspicious and ensures privacy and confidentiality.

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